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Long Narrow Garden

This project involved the complete re-design of this long narrow garden for the young family. The garden is north facing with a Victorian brick outhouse positioned immediately to the rear of the house covering about half the width of the garden. 

To increase the feeling of connection between house and the garden, I removed a low wall and yard area by the house and brought planting areas closer to the house. I created a large terrace area at the far end of the garden in the sunniest spot. This is linked to the house by a meandering path that strategically covers a problematic dry area caused by a row of enormous Leylandii on the other side of the garden wall. The new path is edged with Victorian clay pavers salvaged from the old yard area. 

The soil in the garden is sandy and free-draining and the border areas are largely shady. The planting plan was  designed with these factors in mind to ensure that the new plants have the greatest chance of thriving. Additionally existing plants were re-used in the planting scheme in order to keep costs down.

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